The Water that Connects Us

Where does your water come from? Where does it go after you use it? How does the city provide clean water on demand to thousands of people?

South Pasadena's Water Division will present the science and engineering of managing water for our city with interactive exhibits, materials, and gadgets.

Six legged soirée: meet and mingle with insects

Think humans run the planet? Think again! They crawl, they fly, they swim, insects are everywhere and we could not live without them. Get to know some of your friendly insect neighbors. Witness the graceful flight of a giant cave cockroach and afterwards, pet one!

Note: flashing lights at this activity may affect
photosensitive visitors.

What does it mean to be a scientist???

Caltech Historian Dr David Zierler will discuss what makes a scientist (Hint: it is stuff you do all the time!).

Interactive Robotics Demo

See, learn, and play with real robots! Robotics team coaches Simon Pei & Kin Lee will be joined by two Middle School and High School teams developing robots as part of the FIRST Technical Challenge (FTC) program ( 

Pasadena Audubon is all about the birds!!

Come visit with the Pasadena Audubon Society to learn about the amazing birds which live in our community. Measure your wing span, spin the wheel of birding and check out feathers under the microscope to discover how these amazing things can keep a bird aloft!

Our Bodies

Skeleton, eyes, hearts, and guts! USC Prof. Unmesh Jadhav will lead an event all about our bodies and how they work.

Build a Rocket

A maker-style activity to build a chemical and air powered rocket. Design, build, launch!

Biological Imaging and Biochemistry at Caltech

Light microscopy provides the highest resolution possible for imaging living cells or organisms. Fluorescence and other techniques let us study how proteins within a cell function in as close to living conditions as possible. Dr Andres Collazo will bring instruments used from a large lab at Caltech to use.

Pharmacy: Modern Day Apothecary

Explore the world of medicine and learn how tricky they can be! Medicine can all look very similar, but they all do very different things. Have a sneak peek in a pharmacist's role in translating science into medicine.

Night Sky Viewing

View the planets, star clusters, and distant galaxies with telescopes and guided viewing of the night sky.