Look below for event descriptions, locations, and scheduled events

Robotics Demonstration -- Multipurpose Room

See, learn, and play with real robots! Robotics team coaches Simon Pei & Kin Lee will be joined by three Middle School and High School teams developing robots as part of the FIRST Technical Challenge (FTC) program (https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/ftc). 

Beautiful Bioluminescence -- Room 2 (Jehue)

Mr Jehue will lead students in a hands-on activity about jellyfish and bioluminescence. They will have an opportunity to sketch and paint a jellyfish using glow-in-the-dark paints. 

Night Sky Viewing (weather permitting) and Wayfinding -- Garden Alley

View the planets, star clusters, and distant galaxies with a group of volunteers from the LAAS. Telescopes will be available for guided viewing of the night sky. Make your own astrolabe, an ancient tool for measuring positions on the sky.

Computer Science -- Room 102/103 (Reed/Gresham)

Students will learn some basics of how computers work with activities like sorting their Pokemon and training Pikachu how to solve a maze!

Storytelling about Caltech -- Library

Hear stories about the California Institute of Technology. Historian Dr David Zierler will describe how it is not only a magical place, but a place where you can imagine yourself.

Story times:

Pasadena Audubon is all about the birds!! -- Room 3

Come visit with the Pasadena Audubon Society to learn about the amazing birds which live in our community. Measure your wing span, spin the wheel of birding and check out feathers under the microscope to discover how these amazing things can keep a bird aloft!

Geology and Earth Science -- Room 3

Continents move, volcanoes erupt, and we today we study rocks to learn about this amazing history. Visitors from Caltech will come share activities and their knowledge about Earth Science.

Make a Straw Rocket and Parachute -- Lunch tables

A maker-style activity that demonstrates how to make your own rocket with parachute. Design, build, launch!

Particle Physics at Home -- Room 4

See the invisible! Our world is full of energetic particles from elements on earth or even coming from space. A simple particle detector called a "cloud chamber" lets you see them!